Children’s Parties at Maru

Maru has a variety of Birthday Party options to fill many interests.

At Maru we can offer you an ‘Aussie Animals’ or ‘Pirate Pete’ themed childrens party with a range of options to suit your desires and budget.

All parties include entry to the Animal Park and Pirate Pete’s mini-golf, a designated party table for your group to dine at over lunch time and your choice of either our hot food package or healthy food package.  You can also choose to download Maru themed party invitations from our website to fill in and hand out to your invited guests.  Additional options are set out below:


Standard Party

Party Plus

Ultimate Party

Hot food or healthy lunch package
Animal Park entry and Kangaroo food
Pirate Pete’s Mini-golf game
Professional printed group photo
1 hour designated party lunch table
Animal Encounter – whole group  
Fully guided park tour    
Lunchtime host at lunch table    
Present for the birthday child    
Birthday Party time 11am – 2pm 11am – 2pm 10:30am – 2pm
Minimium no. of children required 4 4 8
Cost per head $26/head $26/head + $60 $36/head


Our HOT FOOD lunch package includes;

  • 1 party pie
  • 3 chicken nuggets
  • Mini hot dog
  • Hot Chips
  • Cordial
  • Ice-cream
  • Lollie-pop

Our HEALTHY FOOD lunch package includes;

  • Fresh sandwich mix of 4 triangles
  • Mini hot quiche
  • Cordial
  • Fresh Fruit

Parents/Guardians of the Birthday Child are entitled to;

  • Free Tea/Coffee
  • Where a party has 8 or more paying children then the two parents or guardians will also receive free entry to the Animal Park & Mini Golf.

We will provide plates, cutlery and a knife for you to use to serve and eat your Birthday cake.

Upon request, children with special dietary needs can be catered for.

Other adults at the party can order food and drinks from the general menu at their own cost.

Other adults and any children present but not booked to attend the party are required to pay the normal entry fees for entry to the Animal Park and Mini-Golf.

Already made a booking, you can download our Maru BIrthday Invitations here.

Party Plus

Close Encounter Children Parties!

Why not make this special day an even greater and more memorable experience for your child by paying for a ‘PLUS’ party option. On top of all of the above your party ‘plus’ will also include a special ‘close encounter’ with your choice of one of the following animals:


All party children will get to pat a koala, in a special area where the koala is down low at eye level.


One of the dingoes will be brought out on a lead for the children to pat and cuddle.


One of our snakes will be wrapped around the birthday child and all party children will get to pat and touch the snake. (NOTE: can only occur when the reptile Keeper is working, so ensure you book early).

Additional ‘close encounter’ cost: $60.00 single fee per animal, regardless of the number of children attending. Admits all party children and birthday child’s parent to the chosen close encounter opportunity.

Ultimate Party

Your party will include a Close Encounter but also a fully guided animal park tour and party host at your table throughout the lunchtime meal.  We will also supply a special present for the birthday child.


Final numbers must be confirmed at least 24 hours before the start of the party and that is the minimum cost that you will be charged for, regardless of how many children actually attend on the day. The balance of payment must be received during booking, however, your Booking confirmation will provide a link where you can add additional children and add-ons that will be available up to 24 hours before the start of the party. Please keep in mind that you will be unable to lower the number of children, so we recommend booking accordingly. Parents and guardians are expected to supervise the children at all times in all areas including the animal park, shop area and Mini-Golf area.

Please be considerate of other paying guests that may also be in the animal park and Mini-Golf areas.

Please feel free to contact the staff at Maru for any further information or special requests.

Teen Animal Enrichment Activity Party

Looking for something special for your wildlife enthusiastic teenager?  Then come join us for a special Animal Enrichment Activity party, where your birthday group will work together to create and carry out an enrichment activity for one of the animal species at Maru. 

The participants will learn about the natural behaviour and characteristics of their chosen species and then formulate and build their own enrichment item and watch as it is given to the animals to see how they interact with it.

Contact Maru via Email for more details and for booking information.

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