Maru Koala & Animal Park

Animal Experiences, Presentations and interactions!

What’s on at Maru this School Holidays!

Keeper for a Day

At Maru you can take the opportunity to experience being an honorary ‘Keeper for a Day’ and work closely with one of our experience Park Keepers and the animals.

Maru’s Presentations

If you are looking for a special experience with one of our animals Maru Koala and Animal Park is the perfect place to do it! We have a tonne of fun interactions and things to do in the park.

We welcome and cater for the needs of all visitors including schools, special needs, social functions and overseas tour groups.

Feed the Kangaroos

At Maru Koala & Animal Park you can feed our beautiful kangaroos by hand! This is a must do when visiting Australia and it is fun for all ages.

Maru Wildlife Presentation

Come see our Wildlife Presentation, and join our park keepers to see and learn about many of the animals that we have at Maru. The Wildlife Presentation is held at 2:00pm on nominated days in our Auditorium.

Koala Keeper Talk

The Koala Keeper Talk at Maru Koala and Animal Park is an unforgettable experience where you can go inside the koala enclosure with the keepers and get closer to these magnificent Australian icons. Pat and feed a Koala as you learn about them from our Maru Animal Keepers.

Dingo Keeper Talk

The mighty Dingo is an Australian animal known to the world and luckily for you we have these gorgeous animals inside our Park. Learn something new from our knowledgeable Animal Keepers at our Dingo Keeper Talk.

Reptile Keeper Talk

Maru Koala and Animal Park also has an exciting animal experience called the Reptile Keeper Talk. Learn and Experience the many reptiles at Maru, such as Snakes, Lizards and more. Are you brave enough?

Tasmanian Devil Keeper Talk

The Tasmanian Devil Keeper Talk at Maru Koala and Animal Park introduces you to one of the most interesting animals of Australia; the Tasmanian Devil. Listen to our Animal Keepers as they go into detail about our Tasmanian Devil.

Animal Interactions and Experiences

Koala Feeding Experience

Join our keepers as they provide fresh gum leaves for the koalas and learn about the species, their threats, conservation status and how you can help.

Dingo Experience

If you want to see the Australian dingo at its best, and learn about this misunderstood species then this experience is for you!

Reptile Experience

Join our keepers as they introduce some of our reptiles and learn about the different species, their threats, common myths and conservation status.

Glider Experience

Come and meet some of Maru's most secretive and nocturnal animals!

Cassowary Experience

Join the keeper in the daily training session of our Cassowary ‘Gloria’.

Koala Experience

Experience our unique and iconic Australian koala at its best.

Meet a Koala

Looking for an oppurtinity to meet one of Australia's iconic species?

Meet a Lizard

Make your visit to Maru especially memorable by meeting a Lizard.

Meet a Snake

Make your visit to Maru memorable by coming face to face with a Python Snake.

Presentation Timetable


Koala Keeper Talk

Koala Boardwalk


Reptile Keeper Talk

Front of Fang Island


Dingo Keeper Talk

Front of Dingo Area


Koala Keeper Talk

Koala Boardwalk


Kangaroo Walk and Talk

Kangaroo Habitat

2:00pm (Weekends & Holidays)

Wildlife Presentation


2:00pm (Weekdays)

Koala Keeper Talk

Koala Boardwalk


Tasmanian Devil Talk

Front of Devils Area


Koala Keeper Talk

Koala Boardwalk

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